Leather working 1 Day


1 Day Introduction into leather working.  Learn to make a simple pouch, knife sheath or axe mask.


Sheath, mask or pouch making

On this course you will create a sheath, mask or pouch in cow leather for your favourite tool.


It could be a knife you have handled with us (see the knife handling course here), an old friend whose sheath has become a little worn or even a knife that came in a plastic sheath that you want to replace.


We will guide you through the design and stitching and riveting to make a sheath for your knife that is both decorative and functional.


The designs on offer are:


  • Bowie type sheath
  • Fold over style sheath
  • Small pouch for either fixed blade or folding knife
  • Axe mask


If you have other designs in mind we are happy to look at them and try to accommodate you.


NB: it is important that we know what you want to make before you arrive so we can ensure we bring the correct materials and tools.

Course prerequisites:

  • We will guide you through all the stages of making your sheath.


What you need to bring

  • Tool that needs a sheath
  • Cup
  • Lunch


We will provide:

  • Leather
  • Any hardware needed
  • Glue
  • All tools (if you wish to bring your own favourites please check with us that they are suitable)
  • Tea, coffee, and snacks

Course structure

  • Welcome, safety and housekeeping
  • Sheath types and materials.
  • Stitches etc
  • Making a pattern
  • Cutting out
  • Stamping with a simple design
  • Assembly
  • Finishing with wax
  • A demonstration of wet forming (this takes a minimum of 24 hours so it is something you can do at home)
  • Care and maintenance

Cost £95:00 plus materials depending on the size of the project.


13th December 2023


14th January 2024

16th March 2024

20th April 2024

24th June 2024

23rd August 2024

4th October 2024

Additional information

Course Dates

13th December 2023, 14th January 2024, 16th March 2024, 20th April 2024, 24th June 2024, 23rd August 2024, 4th October 2024


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