One of the most common injuries encountered by outdoor enthusiasts is a soft tissue injury. When carrying heavy loads backpacking or portaging a canoe on a rough trail it is easy to twist an ankle or stumble and injure yourself.  On expedition it is important as the medic that I can cater for most emergencies however when weight is important one has to make careful decisions on what to take and what stays so I having been trying Xanamed RecoverIce Bandages.

Manufacturer Xanamed’s descripition.

Recoverice Ice Wrap

RECOVERICE works like an ice pack with the added benefit of a compression bandage rolled into one to provide cooling, compression and healing, whilst simultaneously affording pain relief. 100% natural, this is the only ice compression bandage on the market containing arnica.This ice bandage is the ideal for the R.I.C.E method of acute injury treatment, it works by evaporation, so rather than trying to push cold in, it is drawing heat out, for fast pain relief.

Recovery stays cool for up to 2 hours.

 RECOVERICE is an Ice-Wrap bandage that provides cooling and compression.

RECOVERICE can be used in sports, emergency rooms, equine and schools.

RECOVERICE is cost-effective.

No refrigeration necessary.

RECOVERICE is available in convenient sizes.

Cooling is a well established approach to speeding up   and recovery of muscular bruises and strains.

Manufacturer Specifications.


Ethanol,Arnica, and Methanol.

Recover Ice comes in several sizes:

Medium Size (1m / 39 inches) treats ankles, knees, calves, wrists elbows £8.99

Large size (2m / 78 inches) treats legs, arms, back, shoulders  £11.95


The first time I used this product at home to see how long the product cooled my ankle at normal room temperature I was a little dubious. However once out of the foil wrapper and applied following the manufacturer’s instructions it kept my ankle cool for over 90 minutes. There are coloured stripes on the bandages to help you line up the wrapping to ensure that there is sufficient compression in the limb to reduce swelling.  It is clean in use and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.  The only drawback is that it can only be used once as an ice wrap after that if you can rinse them and use one as a normal compression bandage


Fit for Purpose – 4/5 – Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Versatility – 3/5 – Comes in two sizes for most common complaints.  Single use.

Durability – 4/5 – Has up to 2 years shelf life.

Value for Money – 3/5

Overall – 3.0/5