Kit List


Please do not spend a fortune on the latest designer outdoor wear. This is not necessary and brambles etc may damage your shiny new kit.

It is important to remember that the weather in the UK is changeable at best. Our courses run in most conditions.

Therefore sensible outdoor clothing is important. You will be more comfortable in clothes that dry quickly.We can advise you if you are unsure.

Where possible choose natural materials.

You will need good footwear; walking boots or stout walking shoes is a good idea. However you may bring a pair of Wellington boots if it is wet. A spare pair of old trainers might be a good idea.

At least 3 pairs of socks.

A couple of Mid Layers. Wool jumpers are more resistant to sparks than fleece.

Please do not wear Jeans, as these are slow to dry.

Poly cotton trousers are a good alternative x2.

Several changes of under wear.

A Waterproof – Windproof.

Small Tenttipi101

Sleeping bag – preferably 3 season

A cotton sleeping bag or a silk liner if you think you may not be warm enough.

Inflatable sleeping mat. Or a foam sleeping mat.

Knife, Fork, Spoon.Plate, mug, own drying up cloth.

Wash kit (Biodegradable Please) and Towel.

Personal First Aid Kit (Include plasters, pain killers, blister kit, tweezers and personal medication).

Women are also advised to bring sanitary products.

Sun block


Insect repellent

Note book and pencils

Water bottle

Torch with plenty of spare sets of batteries

Small day sack

Swimming costume and large towel

10m of nylon Parachute cord or similar from an army surplus store.

Camp chair or piece of foam. Tree stumps lose their romance after a couple of days.

Snacks etc.

Camera, film and spare batteries remember there are no power sockets in the woods to recharge your gadgets.

Binoculars (Are not essential but maybe useful)

Do not bring your own cutting tools without speaking to the Forest Knights team before the start of your course. A cutting tool will be provided for your use during your course.

Alcohol is not permitted on any Forest Knights course.

If you have any questions about equipment please do not hesitate to contact us.