Helving an Axe 1 Day Course.


Learn to replace your axe helve.  Carve a new handle and fit to your axe head.  1 day course to carve your own axe handle out of Ash and fit it to your axe head.


Helving an axehead


NB: This course does not include an axehead.


Make your own custom helve for an axe from locally sourced ash.


Although good old axe heads are hard to come by, if you do find one the helve is usually missing or in poor condition. On this course you will fit a new handle to your axe customised to your grip. We can also guide you to new heads and help you select one to suit your needs. We have a sizable collection of axes and use them almost daily.


The handle design will be entirely unique to you. We will give you ideas and examples of shapes but the fine tuning will be to fit it to be comfortable to you.


NB: it is important that we have a good picture of your axehead to gauge the size and design we have to work with before you arrive so we can make sure we have the correct materials available.

Course prerequisites:

  • We will guide you through all the stages.


What you need to bring

  • Axehead
  • Cup
  • Lunch


We will provide:

  • Locally sourced ash from out forest
  • Any hardware needed
  • All tools (if you wish to bring your own favourites please check with us that they are suitable)
  • Tea, coffee, and snacks

Course structure

  • Welcome, safety and housekeeping
  • Discussion of axe styles and their uses
  • Helve designs
  • Wood selection
  • Removing the old helve if necessary
  • Splitting (you will start with a log)
  • Roughing out with an axe (you get to try many weights and designs)
  • Shaping with a drawknife, rasp and spokeshaves
  • Fitting the head
  • Smoothing and fitting to your hand
  • Hanging the head and wedging
  • Finishing
  • Efficient use of your axe and axe safety
  • Care and sharpening


We have a separate course for making a leather mask for your axe here. You can combine them into a 2 day course. For a two day course there is no charge for camping in the woods. You need to bring your own camping equipment suitable for the season and weather. A cooked breakfast will be provided on the second day.


£95:00 per person



25th March 2024

13th June 2024

13th July 2024

17th October 2024







Additional information

Course Dates

25th March 2024, 13th June 2024, 13th July 2024, 17th October 2024


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