2 Day Outdoor First Aid


A 2-day 16+ hours of guided first aid learning through a mixture of practical casualty and scene scenarios coupled with group discussion and lectures. This course will give you the skills necessary to feel confident leading small groups in the outdoors.

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2 Day Outdoor First Aid Course

Forest Knights 2 Day 16 hour plus course is our most popular first aid course.

We have carefully designed this course to exceed the requirements of all the leading National Governing bodies.  We are confident that the skills you learn with us will enable you to act with skill and confidence in an emergency situation.


Introduction to the instructor team and refreshments.

First Aid and the UK Laws.  Health and Safety at Work Act. First Aid Regulations etc.

UK RESUS Council Guidlines.

Principals of First Aid in remote locations.

Leadership and communication.

Primary Assessment

Secondary Assessment

Focussed Assessments and Distracting Injury.

Breathing & Circulation

Principals of Resuscitation ABCDE

Airway Obstruction / Airway Management

Casualty Simulations and demonstrations will continue throughout the day and into the evening.

Fractures and Soft Tissue Injuries

Crush Injuries.


DAY 2.

Group Discussion.

Disorders of Consciousness and Head Injury

Disorders of Circulation

Casualty Simulation.

Bleeding and wound management including use of tourniquets.

Evacuation Techniques

Tick Bourne Infections etc



Final Assessment.  Whilst there is no examination on our intermediate course we feel strongly that group leaders and those travelling to remote locations carry a responsibility to be able to act quickly and effectively should the worst happen. Therefore to ensure you receive a Forest Knights certificate we need to ensure that every candidate has the skills understanding to make the correct choices to ensure the best possible outcome.

Group Discussion question and answer session.

The course cost includes all equipment.

To maximise teaching time this course is self catering.

Refreshments will be provided:



9th – 10th March 2024

29th – 30th June 2024

13th – 14th July 2024

5th – 6th October 2024

As with all our courses we specialise in small group bespoke training so if you have any special requirements Forest Knights will be happy to provide a solution to exceed your expectations.

Cost £100 per person. 

Location : Forest Knights Woodland Arundel

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Course Dates

9th – 10th March 2024, 29th – 30th June 2024, 13th – 14th July 2024, 5th – 6th October 2024


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