Sussex Bushcraft Club


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Sussex Bushcraft Club.

Forestknights are pleased to announce we have opened up our main woodland base to create the Sussex Bushcraft Club.


There will be a small fee of £7.50 per person night for camping for 15 years and older.The Club will be a social group for those that want to practice their skills in a friendly non structured way.  The club is not a bushcraft course its an opportunity for like minded folk to gather and enjoy the beautiful West Sussex Countryside and give those people that do not have access to woodland an opportunity to camp.

A donation for under 15 years would be appreciated,

Day Visitors are asked to pay £5.00 per person.

ForestKnights and the Sussex Bushcraft Club are very dog friendly.  However all dogs attending must be kept under close control. Please respect that not everyone is a dog lover.

We encourage members of the club to take part in projects and to improve their craft skills.  Some weekends will be themed for example we will be doing some Pole lathe  turning and Greenwood working.

Other weekends we will focus on core skills like fire and shelter building this will depend on the interests of the club members.

Facilities on site are a basic bushcraft camp with a fire pit parachute and a composting toilet.

Members will be expected to be self sufficient for cooking pots and pans etc.

However on special event days like Christmas and the club bake off challenge we can provide a number of dutch ovens etc.


Forest Knights and the Sussex Bushcraft Club encourage the safe participation in throwing sports.  Knife, Axe and shovel. 

We encourage our members to join KATTA.

Please see our Facebook page for our club rules and regular updates.

Club Dates For 2020

January 17th -19th

February 1st -2nd Joel’s Birthday Bash. (No small Children).

March 13th – 15th

April 24th – 26th

May 16th – 17th

June 26th – 28th

July 24th – 26th

October 9th – 11th 

November 27th – 29th

December 18th – 20th


Club rules and guidelines.

You attend and participate entirely voluntarily and at your own risk. We accept no liability or blame for any injury’s, losses or damage to you or your property.

People bring their children and grandchildren to the site so any adult themed activities like but not exclusive to drinking, jokes, stories and behaviour must be refrained from

Our meets are not an instructor led course it’s a purely social and sharing environment there’s some instructor and some trainee instructors that attend and will happily share there skills but these meets are by no means a course or structured some days we just chat and practice a few skills some weekends are packed with new things being taught. Thanks

This list is not definitive or complete any new rules will be put to the group.

1 you MUST bring a large plastic bag for any rubbish or waste you may create and take this home with YOU at the end of your visit. This is not negotiable or optional if you forget your bag a large black bag will be offered at £1 ( towards club funds).. to make this simple NO RUBBISH BAG NO STAY.

  1. Subs for camping are £7.50 per person per night for adults (16 years old and up) children 15 and under a donation of your choosing to the club. Payed on arrival please. Day visitors 16 and over £5 ALL SUBS ARE TO BE PAYED ON ARRIVAL PLEASE
  2. Day visitors any donation to the club is gratefully received.
  3. Please ensure you bring any medication and a small first aid kit with you. You will be treated with your first aid kit. NO FAK no sharps.
  4. There is no water on site please bring any you may need with you along with food and snacks.
  5. There is no club provided cooking equipment. Please bring any pots and pans you may need to cook and prepare you food and drink.
  6. Please ask before felling, chopping any large trees etc, Otherwise we will be camping in a field.
  7. No live trapping on site! Practising making and setting is totally fine!
  8. FIREWOOD for the communal fire is Group chore! Please be courteous and assist in gathering and cutting.
  1. There will be NO racism, homophobia, religious hatred or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  2. Booze,, in moderation and with consideration for any and all we ask that you stay in control and if asked to not have any more please comply. Being drunk will not be tolerated no excuses Any illegal drugs of any kind will be an instant ban and reported to the police with relevant evidence handed over
  3. Cutting of green wood not permitted ( except hazel and even then permission must be obtained from one of the leaders prior to cutting!
  4. Personal fires must be made on clear earth and cleaned up after with the leave no trace ethos.
  5. Sussex Bushcraft Club is dog friendly. However please respect that no everyone is a dog lover so dogs must be kept under control at all times.
  1. Use of cutting tools is at your own risk and a self assessment of this should be used every time you use one considering everybody around you you must maintain a safe working distance from your colleagues. each new member must attend a very basic cutting skills safety briefing, NO Exceptions.

Any funds that are paid go back into the club for equipment, kit, and maintenance of the site.


Tents in the woodland

Camping in the woods


Additional information

Club Dates

Jan 17-19 Day Visitor, Jan 17-19 Overnight, Feb 1-2 Day Visitor, Feb 1-2 Overnight, March 13-15 Day Visitor, March 13-15 Overnight, April 24-26 Day Visitor, April 24-26 Overnight, May 16-17 Day Visitor, May 16-17 Overnight, June 26-28 Day Visitor, June 26-28 Overnight, July 24-26 Day Visitor, July 24-26 Overnight, Oct 9-11 Day Visitor, Oct 9-11 Overnight, Nov 27-29 Day Visitor, Nov 27-29 Overnight, Dec 18-20 Day Visitor, Dec 18-20 Overnight


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