Wayne is the founder of Forest Knights. Having grown up in the Sussex countryside, his love of the outdoors turned into a passion, which turned into a career!

Having spent many years climbing and mountaineering in the UK and Europe, Wayne then travelled widely learning new skills and experiencing new environments from Arctic Sweden to Japan. He has also spent the last 20 years learning and then teaching the martial arts and self-protection, so all in all is a handy man to have about!

All this experience turned into a dream from which Forest Knights was born. As Wayne’s formal education was in Mechanical Engineering, the finer points of running a business and managing a multi-skilled team were not alien to him, however, as with all those who hold a true passion, the business focus never overtakes the fun aspect and Wayne is never happier than when sharing with others his knowledge and skills built up over the years.

Wayne successfully completed his Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician training at Glenmore Lodge and successfully re qualified with WEMSI in Ireland as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

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