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Review –  Pfiel Scorp

Price £27.74 plus shipping from Classic Hand tools.


Carving using traditional tools is an incredibly rewarding pastime.  You are able to develop a real relationship with wood that using power tools doesn’t allow.  I enjoy carving Kuksa and bowls from greenwood.  So when asked what I wanted for my birthday I asked for a Pfiel Scorp.

Pfiel carving tools are Swiss made and are considered to be some of the finest carving tools available.

Pfeil Scorp in use

Manufacturer  descripition.

This is a specialist tool for hollowing out bowls or for spoon making and has a closed ring with cutting edge and handle.


I eagerly awaited my birthday so I could give the Scorp a workout.  I already own a number of Pfiel carving tools and looked forward to using the Scorp.

The scorp is well made with a quality wooden handle and decent brass ferule securing the handle.  The blade is a nice shape with just the right angle for scooping out wood to carve a bowl.  For the review I choose to carve a small bowl out of Plum.  I had expected the Scorp to arrive shave sharp as is normal for Pfeil.  However the Scorp definitely lacked an edge the curves were quite thick and struggled with the Plum.  My Ben Orford Indian knife was cleanly cutting large chips so I knew the wood was still moist and not too seasoned.

So it was out with the Syperdco ceramics and 30 minutes of sharpening to get the edge profile perfect.  A quick blast with some leather to hone and I was ready to attack the bowl once more.

This time large wood chips leapt from the bowl and I was able to quickly rough out the hollow.  It was so much easier to use than my crook knives and a lot less sustained pressure on my wrists.

I use right and left handed crook knives to reduce the risk of RSI as I do a lot of spoon and bowl carving.  I am now considering buying several Pfiel Scorps for my courses as using the Scorp is less tiring and safer for a beginner to use than a large crook knife.

The scorp is not a replacement for a crook knife but makes a great addition to ones carving kit.


Fit for Purpose - 4/5 –

Versatility – 4/5 –

Durability - 5/5 –

Value for Money - 5/5

Overall - 4/5

Wayne carving a Cherry Bowl

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